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Our Journey

Ramone and I have been breeding white Labrador Retrievers for over 10 years now. Our labs are registered as yellow, but we believe they are as close to white as you can find.  When selecting and pairing our sire and dams, we consider several aspects before breeding.  We place a strong emphasis on temperament, intelligence, and ability to train, while trying to achieve a strong build and block head found in the English Style Labradors.  Each of our labs are cared for with great attention to provide the best love, health and family environment possible.  All of our Labrador Retrievers are AKC registered, certified hips/elbows through OFA or PENN and DNA testing done.

As a small breeder, we strongly believe in quality over quantity for our family Labradors.  In providing puppies to new families, it is our commitment to produce healthy, friendly and intelligent labs.  Our pups have been used for companions, hunting, sports, service and all around great family pets!

As we continue to breed these beautiful, smart and lovable white lab puppies, we will never lose sight of  Southern Pride Lab's original goal, which is to produce a high quality Labrador and sharing the love that we have experienced through our journey. 

                                                       ".... with God all things are possible." -Matthew 19:26

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