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OFA Hips - Excellent
OFA Elbows - Normal


Gus is our two year old gentle giant. At nearly one hundred pounds, Gus has an unbelievable amount of drive in all aspects of life. Gus is an original English- style Lab with a strong, blocky head who produces exceptional puppies. Gus is allowing Southern Pride Labs to continue a breeding program to be proud of. He loves to play, give kisses and be the center of attention! We are so proud that Gus calls Southern Pride Labs his home, and we are excited to see how he shapes the future of our breeding program.

OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal
DNA - Clear


Chappy is the epitome of an English-style Lab. With a short and stocky build, “otter tail” and large head, he is exactly what Southern Pride Labs has strived to incorporate into our kennel. Chappy has an impressive pedigree and an even more impressive love for life! He is a ball of energy that thrives on belly rubs and playing with his people in the yard. We are extremely excited to watch Chappy mature and sire some  amazing pups.


DNA- Clear

Blizzard is a new arrival at Southern Pride Labs, he comes from an impressive kennel in California and a bloodline of champions. While he is the protector of our facilities, he follows suit of being a lovebug like the rest of our labs. At eighty-five pounds, he is a big and lean boy with a blocky head and the ability to produce white puppies. He is eager to learn and is consistent in activities like fetch and learning new commands. We have already noticed similar tendencies in a few of the pups he has produced in our kennels. Blizzard is a specimen of a dog, a joy to be around and an honor to have at Southern Pride Labs. 

"Son of Jack Frost"

Sonny is a puppy that we have kept from Belle and Jack Frost, both raised at Southern Pride Labs. He is expected to be large like his mother, with excellent bone structure and a massive head. His color is second to none and his personality is the same. He is already showing true labrador traits like intelligence, loyalty and a desire to learn. We believe that he is one of the anchors for Southern Pride Labs’ future. 


"The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trust"

                                       Psalm 28:7

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