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"I wanted to share my experience dealing with Southern Pride Labs. Just by meeting them for the first time, I could tell they loved all of their babies. They were great honest people and easy to work with. They even sent us home with a beautiful care package! Brody was an amazing addition to our family, loyal, loving, healthy and with a great temperament. Anyone looking to get a beautiful lab definitely needs to come here! " ~ Pahua Vang

"We could tell Southern Pride Labs loved on all their babies from the start! From the moment we met Misty, Ramone, and the puppies, we knew our baby girl was going to get all the love and care she needed until it was time for us to bring her home. They have a beautiful, clean place for their dogs and puppies. They were so easy to work with and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful lab to add to their family! Ivory has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is very smart, learning the commands come and sit by the time she was 10 weeks old! She was fetching tennis balls and frisbee's by 11 weeks old. She loves to use her nose and is being trained to be a diabetic alert dog for our 10 year old son. Together we hope Ivory can help Bryan manage his Type 1 diabetes better. Thank you Southern Pride Labs for our beautiful, smart girl!"  ~Tracey Murphy

"When we started our journey to look for the perfect Labrador Retriever we never thought our dreams would come true.  We looked for two years.  Misty and Ramone have not only provided us a loving per but also a family member.  Trigger is so smart and such a loving dog to our 4 year old son.  They are best friends.  My husband is currently training Trigger to become a bird retriever and also to locate game when not found.  Trigger is picking up so well and doing an awesome job.  We love our Trigger!!"  

~ Ashley Ratliff

"We could not be happier to have found Southern Pride Labs!!  Our Luna is the perfect addition to our family!! Thank You So much!!"

~ Angela Villegas

"We first met Misty and Ramone over a year ago when we called about a litter of puppies.  The puppies were already sold, but they offered for our boys to come visit and play with them just to see if a lab was the dog for them.  Once we met the Gilberts, we knew we wanted one of their puppies, even if we had to wait.  They are such kind, wonderful people and so sweet to our two boys.  When it was finally our turn, Misty always kept us updated about how the puppies were doing and sent adorable pictures until we could come pick up our puppy.  Our Chubb is 6 months old now, and he is the sweetest dog we could ever hope for.  We still keep in touch with Misty and Ramone about how he is doing.  They have been great to always answer our questions and offer advise.  They obviously love their dogs very much, and their farm is clean and beautiful.  If you want a beautiful, sweet, smart white lab, this is the breeder for you!"

~ Meg Perry



"Throughout most of my life I have struggled with anxiety. Who knew one word could define you and take control of your life. As the years went on my anxiety began to worsen, I began to have panic attacks where my body would go into shut down mode to reset, as I would just pass out. I was losing more of myself each day to stress, worrying, and crying wishing it would stop and it began to be a daily occurrence. I knew my worries were pointless and God was in control but by myself, I couldn’t win this battle. Then, a day came that would change my life forever as I received a phone call that Southern Pride Labs had a sweet runt puppy that needed love. This little puppy was so small and couldn’t catch a break himself. He often had to fight for his food and would step on his poor ears as he would try and play with his siblings but you could tell he was so loved. A few weeks later, I met my loveable Chip for the first time and it was truly love at first sight. I didn’t know the day that I met Chip, that he was God’s little White Lab angle to come help me fight my battle. Now, I no longer have to feel that I am fighting anxiety alone and always have an 80-pound, lap dog by my side. It had to be a God thing. Chip naturally knows when I am getting too anxious or about to have a panic attack and he immediately comes to comfort me. If he’s not with me, I calm down and gain control just by talking about him and showing people pictures of my little white lab angle. I know now that I was never truly alone, I have wonderful family and friends that surround me with love and support but sometimes anxiety can mask that. There is just something special about the love of a dog and Chip has enough love to blast away my anxiety. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without my Chip and will never forget the day that Misty called to let me know that they had a sweet runt puppy that needed home. Ramone and Misty Gilbert were amazing at making the process so simple and easily one of the best days of my life. Now, I am fighting the fight of anxiety with my trusty sidekick and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.-- "

~Kaylee Lusk

" I can not say enough great things about Southern Pride Labs!!

We waited over a year for our precious Stella and she is our everything!!  Misty & Ramone have a beautiful facility in Georgia.  When we went to pick up our Stella, they gave us a tour of their kennels and property.  They have a very nice and clean set up!  You can instantly tell they take amazing care of their babies.  Misty kept me informed on Stella on how she was doing before we were able to pick her up.  She sent pictures, videos and gave us a lot of tips and advice whenever we had a question.  Southern Pride Labs is overall an amazing breeder!!!

~Jennifer Hajny


Remi is so smart and the biggest cuddler we have ever had! She loves to swim in our pool, in fact it's hard to keep her out of it! She only learned last weekend the lake is to swim in as well when her ball rolled in and she had to fetch it! She really isn't bothered by lightning or thunder or any loud noises, unless it sounds like somebody is here! She loves to watch TV! Especially if there are animals! She's so healthy and so social! Any time we go to the vet or to the dog park, somebody asks where we got her! We love this sweet girl to pieces! We are so grateful for your careful breeding so that we could have a healthy, sweet girl!!!

~Scott and Missy Lieberman


Southern Pride Labs found their way into my heart about 4 years ago. My chocolate lab, Francesca, was 12 years old and I knew the end of her life could happen anytime. My mother's words stuck in my mind and heart, "Shirley Rae, you will always need a dog in your life. You have so much love to give them".... One day, out of the blue, a picture of Misty and Ramone and a white lab popped up on my Facebook. Now, why and how, I asked myself, did they know my heart was in a place to start looking for another lab? I followed Southern Pride Labs on Facebook for over a year. All comments were so positive and the puppies were the most beautiful white balls of fur. My heart couldn't resist putting my name on a waiting list anymore. Misty and Ramone are the kindest and most loving people. They answered all of my questions, and I had endless questions :) They love and nurture these little polar bears from the time they are born. They are socialized with each other by running around the farm and getting lots of love from their family. My sweet Shiloh girl was born on May 22nd, 2019. She is the kindest and sweetest puppy in the world to our grandchildren (9 yr old boy and 6 yr old triplets- 2 boys and a girl). Shiloh is so gentle with them. We traveled from Seal Beach, California to choose the "love of my life" Actually, I let her pick me. Shiloh sate on my lap all the way back to Seal Beach, Ca. Thank you Misty and Ramone for our special gift...Shiloh Diamond. You have our hearts forever. 

Francesca is still trotting along, very slowly, and will be 16 years old on Dec. 5th, 2020.

~Shirley Davidson

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